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Congratulations, Two-Time Ladies Briggs Championship Winner, Kendra Gravel!

In the spirit of International Women's Day that just passed, I thought it would be nice to share some kind words from some of the Ladies at the EDKRA about Kendra!

"Kendra is amazing! I am in complete and total awe of her. Racing comes so naturally to her, it's almost unfair, and she looks totally effortless on the track. She is relentless and overcame all obstacles to claim the top spot; she totally deserves it! Off the track, she's equally as amazing, beautiful, smart, and sassy. She's always around when you need a visit and always makes me laugh. I love our track wife shenanigans and our track family suppers. She's definitely a person worth knowing!" - Katie Perepeletza

"I love racing against Kendra! She's super competitive, fierce but also a lot of fun! She's always open to sharing tips and tricks; her advice about corner one and how to attack it helped me save a lot of time in that corner (thank you Kendra!). Regardless of our placing in a race, I appreciate that she's always at Pre-Grid, ready for a high five and congrats! Off the track, Kendra is super chill to hang out with, hilarious and always a blast!" - Kathy Taylor

"Kendra is a strong and passionate racer that keeps our ladies class competitive and fun!" - Ilene Toerper

"We've got such a great ladies class at EDKRA, full of awesome ladies. Kendra's one of the many fast women racers in the club who I know I need to work hard to try and catch up to. She's always up for fun! And when I don't beat her on the track, there's always beer pong after the race day!." - Brandi Kozakowski

"Kendra is an amazing person and in the last 4 years, it has been a pleasure to get to know her both on and off the track. She is a focused driver with her eye on the prize and it paid off this last year by winning the club championship! I am proud to say that I am part of an amazing club and participate in a women's class with fierce women, and Kendra is one of them!" - Kristi Allen

Q: How old are you?

Kendra - "35"

Q: How old were you when you started karting? 

Kendra - "33"

Q: What do you love about racing karts and what got you into it?

Kendra - "I love that it is a family sport. My husband got me into it."

Q: What was your first kart? (brand/chassis/engine?) 

Kendra - "Birel, Am-29, Briggs"

Q: What kind of kart do you race right now? (brand/chassis/engine?) 

Kendra - "Vemme Kart, Lo206, Briggs "

Q: What classes do you race in? 

Kendra - "Ladies Briggs"

Q: What is your favourite kind of music or song to listen to before a race?

Kendra - "I don’t listen to anything before a race."

Q: What is your favourite food to eat on a race day? 

Kendra - "bananas"

Q: Who do you look up to in motorsport and why? 

Kendra - "I don’t really look up to anyone specific in motorsports. "

Q: What's something that you have learnt from the sport?  

Kendra - "I learned to push myself harder and to do those “scary” things cause who know you may end up having a blast. "

Q: What is your karts racing # and why did you choose that number?  

Kendra - "56. Picked that number cause I wanted 6 but my husband wanted us to stay in the 50’s so 56 it is. "

Q: What is your best racing achievement?  

Kendra - "would have to be winning the championship for my class 2 years in a row."

Q: Who supports you the most in your karting endeavors?

Kendra - "definitely my husband"

Q: What is your favorite corner at EDKRA?  

Kendra - "3, cause it’s the only corner I haven’t spun in. lol"

Q: What are your goals for the upcoming 2022 race season?   

Kendra - "Enjoy time with my family and helping our youngest out on the track this year."

Q: Last but certainly not least. What piece(s) of advice would you give others that are starting out in karting?  

Kendra - "most importantly have fun!! Race safe and clean. Be a good sport. "


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