Club Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of the Month

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EDKRA proudly boasts a large, well maintained washroom facility available to all members and attendees during the race season. Each washroom has a shower stall available for use. No portable washrooms at this world class facility!

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Get access to karts and parts right at the track! Our kart dealers are active members of our club and extremely knowledgeable. They are approved kart dealers from our Executive so you know you are purchasing karts and parts from reputable businesses that we trust!

Kart dealers are present on race weekends and throughout the week to serve you!

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EDKRA Is very fortunate that we have an onsite food truck available at the track on weekends.  Enjoy coffee, hot dogs, burgers, fries and more conveniently located within walking steps of your race trailer!

Foods always hot and the customer service top notch!



Warburg is a village in central Alberta, Canada located right next to the track. If you are needing groceries, gas or a bite to eat at local restaurant you are there within minutes from the track!

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Our facility now has a beautiful wide open space for activities between racing! A lot of our members who camp enjoy this area with their dogs, play catch with their kids or even get together around the community campfire at night to connect!

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We are a dog friendly facility. You are more than welcome to bring your furry family member as long as they are well mannered, behaved and do not bark to disrupt members and patrons at the track. All dogs must be kept on leashes and out of traffics way while at the track. Please ensure that you use the green space located north of the trailers to take your dog for a run and use the washroom. All dog poop must be picked up and placed in the garbage immediately.

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