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EDKRA 2023 Try-A-Kart Program is Completed!
We look forward to seeing you Spring of 2024!

Do you dream of racing? Are you considering getting into karting? Not sure what it is all about or how to get started?

The EDKRA Try-A-Kart program is exactly what you need.

Classroom and on-track experience for ages 8 – 80+. Learn about karts, kart categories, kart maintenance, the track, racing line, flags, safety and much more.

Then hit the track!

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Try-A-Kart Classes Available:

Briggs L206 Cadet: Age 8-10

Briggs L206 Junior: Age 11-15

Briggs L206 Senior: Age 16+

If you have any questions regarding the Try-A-Kart program, please contact us!

What's it like racing at EDKRA?